We believe landscape is fun. It is the sum and synthesis of the elements from which it is made greater than its parts. It is inventory, analysis, design, and execution. It certainly is function and form. It is also ecological, economic, and cultural.

Patterns and patches, nodes and networks — this is where we find the fun. Somewhere between science, art, and engineering a design solution emerges that is the result of a process driven by exploration but constrained by reality. We find the process to be an exercise that ultimately puts a smile on someone’s face. That’s fun, and that’s the point.


Setting high standards and building strong client relationships allows us to provide timely and effective communication, provide integrity and professionalism at every turn, and deliver projects that exceed client goals in a cost effective, creative, and beautiful way.


“We are a landscape of all we have seen.”

– Isamu Noguchi

Andrew G. Hatch | PLA, ASLA

Andrew G. Hatch | PLA, ASLA

Principal | Design Director

Born and raised in San Diego, Andrew is deeply committed to the community. Both the built and natural world influence his approach to design. He has spent countless hours exploring the cities and natural landscapes of the southwest, including the mountains, deserts, and coast that shape our unique region.

He strives to find each project’s inherent balance between the big picture and the granular details, understanding how the various elements relate to the overall contextual surroundings. He is fascinated by the often unseen networks that exist everywhere and influence everything from storm water conveyance to migration corridors.

Andrew worked for several award winning boutique landscape architecture firms in Santa Barbara and San Diego before establishing Hatchworks Studio. He has experience working on many project types including multi-family, commercial, civic, hospitality, and residential.

As a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Master of Landscape Architecture program and winner of the Design Excellence award, Andrew is a proponent of designing responsible landscapes that reflect a nuanced sense of place while celebrating the unique conditions of the Southwest. He is a former board member of the local chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and is involved with several other community groups striving to make the community a better place for all.

Our Process

Phase 1


Analyze the purpose of the project, client and user needs, and all relevant regulations.

Define site opportunities and constraints.

Develop strategies to maximize ecological and community benefits that mitigate undesired impacts and enhance positive impacts to the surrounding community and environment.

Phase 2


Develop schematic design solutions and communicate design options and alternatives, establishing dialogue with all stakeholders.

Coordinate with consultants, identify potential issues, and resolve them before construction / installation begins. Our approach is proactive rather than reactive.

Phase 3


Refine the design and produce documentation for approval and installation of the landscape plan.

Provide quality control / construction administration services and coordination with the Contractor to ensure implementation of the design as intended.

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